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Heart Warming Noodles

Something crunchy, something sweet and the zingy notes of Lemon make this dish sing.
A warm peppery heat brings not only your tastebuds but also your circulation into motion with a flavour explosion.

This western idea of vermicelli noodles is simple, quick and will leave you wanting more.
Perfect for a heart warming dish in late summer when the days get a little shorter after all.


This dish is composed of the hearty vegetable broth combined with silky vermicelli noodles topped up with crispy potatoes and roasted pine nuts all tied together by fresh herbs.

Takes ~ 30min

Serves: 3 to 4


1 large potato
70gr butter
400gr spinach
250gr cherry tomatoes
1/2 a leek
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 lemon
100-200ml water
olive oil
1/2 tbsp vegetable stock
70gr pine nuts
250gr rice vermicelli noodles
1 tbsp white pepper
1 hand full of basil
1 hand full of coriander
1 tbsp paprika
1 pinch of salt
2-3 dashes of soy sauce
paper kitchen towel

Crispy Potatoes
To bring you the perfect crunchy element peel the potato and cut it into 2mm sticks.
In a pan melt the butter and add the sliced potato. On medium heat let them fry and crisp up occasionally stirring. Once they reach their golden brown stage add the tablespoon of Paprika and remove from the heat.
Mix well and then place the hot potato onto a kitchen towel to drain excess fat.
This will add the desired crunchiness.

Roasted Pine Nuts:
In a pan without fat roast the pine nuts on medium to high heat.
Be aware that they might take a while before their fats are released which roast them in the dry pan.
Once they start browning they can quickly become too dark so make sure you’re watching them whilst roasting.

Vegetables + Broth:
Slice the leek into fine rings. Peel the garlic cloves to dice or to use with a garlic press.
Quarter the tomatoes. Juice the lemon.
Heat a pan with a generous dash of olive oil and start frying the leek. After it turns slightly glossy add the garlic. Let both fry for about one and a half minutes. Add the tomatoes and let them soften without stirring n medium heat. Add the spinach and let it soften. After about five minutes add the juice of half a lemon and let it gently simmer for some more time. Stock and a generous splash of soy sauce should be added now. Do let it simmer for about five minutes whilst occasionally stirring before adding 100ml of water. In case you prefer a more liquid sauce you may need to add more water to your liking.

Whilst the sauce is simmering. Bring water to a boil in a separate pot.
Cook the vermicelli rice noodles as instructed and rinse once done.

Add the vermicelli noodles to the vegetable stew and let them heat up.
To bring in more flavour the white pepper can be added at this stage.
Last but not least chop the basil and coriander and gently stir into the dish.

Simply serve the noodles into your favourite bowl and top up generously with the crispy potatoes and
roasted pine nuts. Some fresh leaves on top add visual interest and make the dish sing just a little more.
Drizzle some more lemon juice onto the dish before serving.