What if

“What if” is an award winning show-garden designed by Sebastian Conrad in collaboration with Kate Rees. It has been picked by Adam Frost as a highlight of the Malvern Spring Festival 2019.

Below you can dive into the gold-medal winning planting of “What if”

RHS, 2019

RHS, 2019


The garden is a collaboration between Sebastian Conrad and a local painter Kate Rees who is based in Upton.
After meeting through a mutual friend the concept of an artists studio and the energising almost explosive moment of creation emerged and slowly took shape as a show-garden concept.

Formal design and layout enabled Kate to explore new painting and sculpture techniques to bring into the space.
Sebastian set out to use wild yet not untamed planting to complement the artwork and his conscious use of negative space through materials such as the reclaimed boulders, gravel and hedging enabled the sculptures and planting to form a harmonious symbiosis. Nature meets Art in this award winning contemporary space.

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The garden is currently redesigned and relocated to evolve into a mature garden.

Dive into the award-winning planting design with a full list of plants including their requirements: